Village Development Inauguration

Puttamraju Kandriga

Puttamraju Kandriga, Nellore District, A.P.

It was yet another memorable day for the team Oxigen & Sahyog Foundation when the ace cricketer and MP Sachin Tandulkar visited his adopted village Puttamraju Kandriga on 16th Nov, 2016 Wednesday, and inaugurated Livelihood Center set up by Oxigen and Sahyog Foundation under their CSR initiatives along with community center inauguration.

During Sarpanch address to local people, he stressed the need for projects which focus on women’s empowerment, “The exploitation of women is a major concern in our society, and so through a course like this we are not just imparting a vocation, but empowering women from within. I believe this will bring a lot of positive changes in the society as a whole.”

Sachin Tandulkar adopted village

Provision of Laptop and Sewing Machines along with furniture and raw material will be beneficial for upliftment of poor and empowerment of women and young Boys. Oxigen & Sahyog Foundation endeavor to set this village Development center is not only to improve the livelihood but also to provide opportunity for self employment. To ensure utilization of the Vocational Training Centre by majority of population, Two trainers has also been provided by the civil administration.

The project has been conceived for the locals as Centre of Excellence where further facilities will be added in coordination with Sarpanch and civil administration so that people in remote areas and far flung villages are engaged in projects generating money.

Inauguration of Village Development center by ribbon cutting was done by the dignitaries to mark as a beginning of the Training program. In this unique initiative, OXIGEN & SAHYOG FOUNDATION will provide training to 20-25 rural women in ‘Cutting Tailoring and Designing’. Chief Guest Mr.Sachin Tendulakar appreciated this new initiative of providing skill to local rural communities which will not only provide them gainful employment but also have a sustainable future.

Puttamraju Kandriga

On this occasion along with Sachin Tandulkar, District Collector R. Mutyala Raju, Joint Collector A.Md. Imtiyaz and several people’s representatives explained to the cricketer about Oxigen Initiative and the steps taken for development of Village. Vermicompost production Project set up at 10 points in the village was also discussed by Sachin, He was quite happy and Impressed by this Initiative . "I am satisfied with the complete transformation of the village," the batting legend said after inaugurating a community centre. Tandulkar kept greeting the residents for the good change brought about by them in a collective way and he called a few of them by their names as a token of his appreciation.

Puttamraju Kandriga

The cricketer recalled how in his previous visit he urged for their active participation in the developmental activities taken up to transform it as an ideal village under the Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana (SAGY).On seeing the cricket legend, schoolchildren burst into excitement and applause.

He posed for photographs with them and also distributed cricket and sports kits to a select few. The cricketer did not miss the occasion to tell the youth that they should strike a balance between sports and studies, saying they should not miss out in both the aspects.

The cricket legend promised to revisit the village again at a later time and asked the villagers to continue the good work.People were very enthusiastic,happy and thankful for dedicated efforts of Rashtriya Rifles Battalion and civil administration and Oxigen & Sahyog Foundation who cared for the requirements of local people.