Livelihood Sahyog Foundation

Livelihood Project

  • Locations - 42
  • Girls empowered - 8809
  • Total people enrolled in Computer course - 3753
  • Total Benefited in NIIT classes - 450

Building livelihood is a necessity for developing sustainability and improving household incomes. Sahyog foundation is running livelihood centers in various Indian states, where women are trained in sewing, and computer courses for both genders are held.With the thrust of Empowerment of women by equipping them with skills and providing livelihood for a secure future.

    We have therefore started the following programs:-
  • Stitching & Tailoring Centers
  • Computer Classes Girls
  • Beauty Course- Rajnota

A Learning Center that enables rural Women empowerment. With these skills, the rural women are trained to start their own businesses.

Till now Oxigen has set up 42 educational institute in Villages like Rajnota, Buteri & Behror in Rajasthan, Guna in Madhya Pradesh, Trichy in Tamil Nadu, Pehowa in Kuruksehtra, Dhankaur & Raebareli in U.P, Melpuram & Kiliyoor in Kanyakumari.

42 skills centers have been set up pan India where Women/Youth are imparted professional, skill-based certified education like stitching courses, computer literacy. About 8809 women have been trained and certified in these programs, thereby empowering them to be financially independent and live with dignity.