Corporate Social Responsibility

Following their strong belief in giving back to the society, Oxigen started its sojourn to develop an all India Rural Corporate Social Responsibility initiative under Sahyog Foundation.

At Oxigen, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is embedded in the long term business strategy of the Company. For Oxigen, business priorities co-exist with social commitments to drive holistic development of people and communities. The Company’s CSR initiatives help elevate the quality of life of millions, especially the underprivileged sections of the society.

It seeks to touch and transform people’s lives by promoting healthcare, education and empowerment opportunities. OXIGEN aims to continue its efforts to build on its tradition of social responsibility to empower people and deepen its social engagements.

OXIGEN has undertaken numerous initiatives aimed at developing the communities around which the Company conducts its operations. The overriding objective is to create value and ensure all inclusive growth. OXIGEN is working assiduously to ensure that economic wealth is not just limited to the privileged, but distributed in a manner that benefits the marginalized sections of society.

The Company has made significant contributions to help shape India’s vision of inclusive growth. Sustainable development strategies have helped OXIGEN to create thriving eco-systems towards profitable growth and creation of societal value for multiple stakeholders. OXIGEN goes beyond its business activities to create societal impact through its diverse initiatives.

The Company has been involved in various social responsibility initiatives since its inception. In 2011, these activities were brought under the Sahyog Foundation, the umbrella organization for the Company’s social sector initiatives. Through these initiatives, the Company engages with communities to ensure their well-being by enhancing access to quality education and healthcare, capacity building for employment generation.

The CSR Reach till now is 1.5 Lakh and the Foundation is currently involve in the state of Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi-NCR, Odisha, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Kanyakumari.

Oxigen, Chorus Call and it’s management (Pramod, Meher and Rajpal), fuel this movement at Sahyog, both with strategy, time and money. Very often, people reach out to us, to either contribute funds or may wish to have us host a camp. We would be happy to do both. We are not an NGO and hence cannot provide you with tax relief related exemptions.
Please click here to reach us, with Thanks and Gratitude.

Latest Events

Dental Camp: 31st Jul 2019 at Oberoi Dental Clinic, Delhi
Eye Camp: 26th Jul 2019 at Bhaktawarpur, Noida, UP
WHAC: 23rd Jul 2019 at Tuglakhabad, Delhi
Eye Camp: 22th Jul 2019 at Alwar, Rajasthan
Eye Camp: 19th Jul 2019 at Caterpuri, Gurugram, Haryana
WHAC: 16th Jul 2019 at Caterpuri, Gurugram, Haryana
WHAC: 12th Jul 2019 at Faridabad, Haryana
Eye Camp: 5th Jul 2019 at Noida, UP
Eye Camp: 28th Jun 2019 at Wazirabad, Gurugram, Haryana
Dental Camp: 27th Jun 2019 at Oberoi Dental Clinic, Delhi
Eye Camp: 21st Jun 2019 at Nihal Vihar, Delhi
International Yoga Day Celebration: 21st Jun 2019 at Nihal Vihar, Delhi
WHAC: 20th Jun 2019 at Bijwasan, Delhi
Eye Camp: 7th Jun 2019 at Samaypur Badli, Delhi
WHAC: 6th Jun 2019 at VP singh camp, Delhi
Cataract Surgery Camp: 3th Jun 2019 at Lions Eye Care, Delhi

Corporate Partnership

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  • Chorus Call
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Aapne mere bete ki zindgi bana di , mi bap ho kar bhi na kuch kara saka aap log to Bhagwan ka roop bankey iski zindgi me aye ho. Iske phale janam ke phal hi hoenge jo aap log eise itna pyar de rahay ho. Aap logo ka dhanyvad kae bar aap log mere ghar padharo. Iski maa bhi aap logo ka dhanyvad karna chae hi"

Maroo Ram, Sandeep’s Father
A New hope Sight Restoration Story

मुझे अपने से ज्यादा आप लोगो पर भरोसा था । आप मेरी आँख की रोशनी फिर से ला पायगे , संदीप को देख कर भरोसा और मजबूत हो गया । आप लोगो का thank you करने के शब्द नहीं मिल रहे है । Thankyou….Thankyou…. Thankyou…

A New hope Sight Restoration Story

डॉक्टर को दिखया था बोले आँख बिगड़ गई है अब बनेगी नहीं ।आप लोगो ने बरोसा दिया तो डर- डर के आ गई । गुरुजी तेरे जैसी बेटी सब को दे । आज के जमाने मे तो बेटी बेटे से आगे निकाल गई। लदेसर तो चूरिया पहन ले । गुरु और हिम्मत देलाखो का भला कर ,खुश रह।

विद्या देवी
Eye Camp

परोस के गाँव से हु। दोनों आखो में मोतिया था ,अंदी सी हो गई थी पैसे कहाँ से लाती सो चुप बैठी । जाते महीने बहन के घर आई। जावाई ने बताया की कुसुमपाल फ्री मे ऑपरेशन अरवा देगे । भला हो बालक का जो यहा ले आया । आप लोगो का भगवान भला करे । बच्चे आप को पूछे ।हम तो आप लोगो के पैर धो धो कर पीये तो भी कम है ।

कुल्विंदर सिंह
Eye Camp
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